RFC du protocole POP (POP3) : Sommaire

Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 1725
Obsoletes: 1460
Category: Standards Track

J. Myers
Carnegie Mellon
M. Rose
Dover Beach Consulting, Inc.
November 1994

Post Office Protocol - Version 3

Status of this Memo

This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements. Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" (STD 1) for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Table of Contents


This memo is a revision to RFC 1460, a Draft Standard. It makes the following changes from that document:

  • removed text regarding "split-UA model", which didn't add anything to the understanding of POP
  • clarified syntax of commands, keywords, and arguments
  • clarified behavior on broken connection
  • explicitly permitted an inactivity autologout timer
  • clarified the requirements of the "exclusive-access lock"
  • removed implementation-specific wording regarding the parsing of the maildrop
  • allowed servers to close the connection after a failed authentication command
  • removed the LAST command
  • fixed typo in example of TOP command
  • clarified that the second argument to the TOP command is non- negative
  • added the optional UIDL command
  • added warning regarding length of shared secrets with APOP
  • added additional warnings to the security considerations section